Pucklechurch Community Centre

The Committee

 The Pucklechurch Community Association

Membership of the Pucklechurch Community Association (PCA) is open to anyone. As of September 2013 the annual membership fee is £1.00. Social Club members are automatically members of the Community Association. All members of the Pucklechurch Community Association can book the premises at a concessionaly rate.

Groups that use the hall regularly can on payment of an annual subscription, affiliate. Those groups all of whose members join the Community Association are called "sections".

 The Executive Committee is elected from PCA members at the AGM in May. It is comprised of up to 12 members including

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Booking Secretary
  • Membership Secretary                                                                      

The Executive Committee manages the building on a day to day basis. All important decisions are taken by the Council. This is comprised of the members of the Executive Committee plus a representative from each of the affiliated and section groups. Committee meetings are held on the second Monday of every month at 8.00pm in the meeting room. Affiliate and section representatives attend quarterly, meetings then start at 7:30pm in May, August, November and February.

The members of the current Executive Committee are  


Booking Secretary

Membership Secretary   






Phil Spick
Peter Nunez       
John Kay
Karl Fuerstenberg

Jill Hayden  











Andy Smith

Mike Reynolds
Tina Symons



Any group or organisation can become an affiliated group of the PCA and benefit from discounted hire rates. To qualify for discounted hire rates affiliated groups are required to send a representative to each quarterly meeting and participate in the decision making and administration of the PCA. There are also representatives from the Parish Council and PCA section members such as Short Mat Bowls, Drama, Football, Cricket and Badminton.